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Sunday, March 26, 2023
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Markazi Province Meteorogicat Organization CEO
Markazi Province Meteorogicat Organization CEO
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In 1298 meteorological lesson was tought with french feachers in Barzegar was the first step to succes meteorological and the first meteorological plat form was built there that tempreature ,humid and rain was measured in it .this plat form was completed in 1308 for observating the air little by little more stations was built to supplying agriculture and irrigation in tense needed .After the second world war the Allies forces commissioned a small meteorological agency for reduced danger of their flight In 1327 an observing group was working in meteorological stations that they had train edin irri gation individual agency of agriculture ministry before national iranian air line company commissioned other statons for informed from the atmosphere in formations. In that time ,firstly there isn t enough hormony among stations, secondly the programmers needed to corract and exact informations .so ,in 1334 the responsibles established a main meteorological agency that related to trans port ministryAfter a while ,this agency joined to war ministry but after Eslamic Revolution it related to trans port ministry again at the same time of establishment of the main meteorological agency .In 1334 all other agencies which had been established with different and private sectores were deligated to main agency .The sectores included of synoptic,climatology and rain that every one had private observation.

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